(Yea…I curse, so…enjoy?)

Wow, this is embarrassing. Over a year since last I wroteth herein mine thoughts and such. Update about me, I guess? Well…last time I was on here, I was cruising through my second year of college, sucking at Japanese, “straight”, and love-hating on life. Now I am a dropout, actually improved in Japanese a little so やった, and am in a secret relationship with a close friend of the same gender. Oh, and still love-hating on life. Ooh gods above and below, words cannot describe the almost-180 of this madness. At least I’m consistent with the Japanese, right? It feels so weird watching words form on this page as I type. I haven’t really checked things on here. I’ve been glancing at email notifications on my phone, but never actually coming here to update things. Of course, I don’t HAVE to reveal all of this…but here we are. I made this blog originally as an outlet for writing experience, which it will still be. But, I’m about to vent like crap on this thing. I had a job. Great job. Nothing wrong with it. I quit. Before the first day even ended. 9-5pm. I was unemployed by 4:30, fighting tears at a bus stop. That was June 7th. Here we are, almost a month gone, and I’m kind of a pathetic mess. I’ll cut myself a little slack. Maybe…bear with me on this…maybe I sensed the evils of the job deep down, my primitive instincts saved me! But probably not. I think deep down I’m a cowardly dumbass who can’t make a commitment to save their life. Ironically, the only thing I CAN commit to is the relationship I’m in with Angel Cake (let’s just go with code names, yea?). And so…Watson braves the storms of desperation, sloth, give-up-ness, and an insatiable craving for chocolate cake. It must be too rich…I swear after three or four bites, I’m ready to throw up or pass out.

SO………….what in the ever-screwing fuck am I to do? (I curse sometimes btw, sorry.)

If you actually read every word of that, thanks. Seriously. It’s easy to get discouraged when no views are seen on here, no likes, comments, etc. I’m over that now. I’m at a point in my life where I need to get out emotions through some outlet that’s remotely positive. This seems like a good enough place to rage now and then..or celebrate.

Ta-ta for now! I’ll be back…might be tomorrow because I can already feel the irk settling in my bones XD <– That’s a laugh face for those who read “ex dee” XD I don’t know. Seems like not all people would know, so I said something. Well, wrote something. Speaking of “know”, I saw a previous post I made on here and GOOD LORD I wrote “no” when I meant “know”. I apologize in advance to the victims of my English disasters. What’s most sad of all is that my major was fucking English..Creative Writing was in there, hey, maybe I’ll post erotica on here, we’ll see. I think that’s basically it. Oh, I love you, 5 followers…if you’re still here >.< ❤ I remember how happy I felt to see people actually looked at my shit and said, “That’s alright” and wanted to keep tabs on my posts. I’m seriously grateful. I need a job…XD

And with that, I say Goodnight.

(Update approx. 10 minutes into the future…You have 4 followers, Champ…



Game of Thrones (aka Spoiler Alert)

Spoiler Alert: I am SO behind on this show!

I can’t count how many shows that I watch that are on their 5th, 6th, or final season. Meanwhile, I’m avoiding channels I know show up-to-date commercials. For those of you who watch “Naruto”, you know that the main characters are pretty much adults currently (at least that what my friends said..). I’m still on the second, chunin exam, aka the 12-year-old Naruto and his merry band of misfits, trying to pass a major test. They laugh at me when I say what episode I’m on…*sniff, tear falls*

Getting back to Game of Thrones, I LOVE THIS SHOW. Aside from the “adult situations”, this show is so well-written and will leave you screaming in frustration as the end credits roll, leaving you stuck in the ever-annoying cliff hanger. Alas, this is yet another show I am behind on. Only on the second season, I literally covered my ears the other day when my friend decided to talk about current events of the show.

This is definitely going to be a weekend of binge watching, all-nighters, and “oh my gosh, no!” I hate spoilers, but I was begging someone to tell me if my favorite character died. Luckily, she didn’t tell me. Since I’m here, I’ll give a spoiler-free review of the show. For the up-to-date-ers, still-on-season-one-ers, and never-seen-one-episode-but-commercials-count-right?..ers

Here you go:

Game of Thrones is set in an era where kings rule, knights are awesome, and children have babies. Actually, that’s similar to today…minus the king and knights, add a president and some soldiers. Continuing on, the story focuses on the lives of lords and their land and the fight for the throne. Apparently, the “king-king” is the one who rules over the Seven Kingdoms. My favorite family is the Starks, only because of Jon (John?) Snow and Arya, who are, uh, children of Ned Stark, the lord of Winterfell, a great man who spoiler spoiler. He is so amazing. There are other kids, but I’m going to focus on Arya, my most favorite. She reminds me of myself when I was a lot younger: doesn’t want to be a “lady” and just be a baby cannon for some king. Arya gets mad respect for spoiler spoiler spoiler in the first episode. It’s too bad that her older sister, Sansa, only cares about spoiler spoiler even though spoiler spoiler spoiler! I was so mad! I’m like, “Who cares about spoiler spoiler?! Be more like Arya!” I swear that Sansa is like the Meg Griffin of this show. Actually, not even. Sansa makes Meg look like Stewie and Brian, when they go off on their 1-hour special adventures. (fyi, Stewie and Brian are awesome!)

Jon Snow is another, favorite character of mine. It doesn’t hurt that he’s cute as a button, though. Even though he spoiler, he wants to be much more. He actually decides to spoiler spoiler spoiler! Dangerous, right?! A funny moment was when he spoiler spoiler in the beginning of season 2. I was laughing so hard!

Spoiler spo- I mean, Game of Thrones is a breath of fresh air, at least from what I’ve seen so far…

I hope you’ve been informed on the up-to-date-on-season 1 review!

Next time, I’ll be talking about a girl named Danaerys (is that spelled right?). When I tell you that she-

Ta-ta for now!

Hello There, Stranger

That’s right. I’m talking to you, the one reading this sentence and wondering how it will..

Anyway, Watson is here to say, “Welcome to An Everything Blogel”. I’ve never had the everything bagel, though. I might try it one day..

Someone suggested that I make a blog to better my writing skills. So, here it is. While I don’t know where I’m going with this, I do know that Chicken Fries are back at Burger King! When I saw that commercial, I felt happier than Harry Potter on Christmas morning. “I’ve got presents?” quoth Harry. Yes, Harry. Yes you do. Dying from a chicken fry-induced stroke or heart attack will be worth the sweet taste of those little spawn of potatoes and poultry.

That’s all I got for now. But, in the words of a wise character,

“Ttfn; ta-ta for now!”