Objection: Supercalifra…etc.

It’s been a little over NINE months since I have been here, so about the time a baby cooks in the oven. (I hope that reads well…)

Anyway, I have a new goal in mind. Lately, I have had terrible, writer’s block and haven’t been able to really find that ‘umph’ to get me on here. However! that has all changed, my friend. Here’s a thought- don’t steal it cause I’ve already done that; where do you think this idea came from? (I’m kidding.). A girl. No, not a girl. Some sort of creature. Actually, let’s make it a girl for now. Let’s make her old enough to have a semi-logical thought process but young enough to get away with things…so, like seven. (Honestly, she could be any age. Everyone’s nuts!)

It’s cliche, but let’s give her a rough exterior. The typical kid-with-spunk deal. That’s all I’ve got so far!

Let’s make this great! I draw, so a sketch of Girl ?? will be coming soon!

~Hugs and punches all around~