Happy June!

This is only my 2nd post…such a veteran, right?

Below is a response I wrote during English today.

America’s supposed to be the “land of the free, the home of the brave”. How can we be free when bullets take out people every second? As days go by, it seems that people get more and more corrupt. Immigrants aren’t allowed, but the pilgrims were the first.

We’ve been fighting for equal rights since Martin Luther King, jr. was in diapers. These states were never united, but there’s a four-minute song about it. At one point, I guess the idea was so pure. When those Europeans sailed upon these mighty shores.

How soon we forget that the so-called “Indians” were here before Queen Isabella gave Columbus that loan. America then, America now, aren’t the same home.

There you have it…..

Thoughts? Comments? Favorite green? Mine’s emerald. Emerald green.

Ttfn..ta-ta for now!


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